15 Persuasive Research Paper Topics On Current Affairs In Criminology

There is never a boring moment in criminology. Every crime or plan presents intrigues that are sufficient to be the basis of a research paper. As such, there are incredible opportunities to draft fresh and captivating papers on criminology. Here are some of the most relevant ideas to consider.

  1. Is it possible to have a crime that has no victim?
  2. A review of death sentences and the influence of race on the numbers
  3. Are crimes an inevitable offshoot of capitalism?
  4. What is the motivation behind rampant sexual abuse directed towards women?
  5. The social stigma associated with sexual harassment in men leading to low reporting
  6. Social status and its influence on criminals
  7. Ideas and issues surrounding sentencing
  8. When the background of a judge leads to bias sentencing
  9. The influence of social and mass media in teenage crimes
  10. Predisposing factors behind child abuse offenses
  11. The possibility of a clean record for offenders who have cleared their term: In support of real integration
  12. Drawing the line for juvenile offenders
  13. When the rich escape the harsh penalties of the law
  14. The relationship between inmates and attached social workers or psychologists: Why they aid in escape and what they know that is hidden to the world.
  15. Negotiated justice: When leniency is subjective

There are other areas that are of concern to criminality that you can base your research paper on. What you should ensure is that your topic falls within the broad coverage areas of cause, nature, deterrence, control and consequences of crime. As the society advances, new aspects emerge. New ethical standards are developed while the old ones are revised. This presents numerous opportunities for writers to craft their papers.

Other topics in criminology that should capture your attention include IT related offences. Rampant hacking and data fishing have caused a stir in all sectors. Privacy and security of personal data is no longer assured. There is an opportunity to review the areas data encryption and how security bleachers are informing legislation.

Sourcing a good topic in criminology is not a difficult task. Everyday there are reports of crime in their varieties. This presents rich fodder to criminology researchers in search of fresh ideas. You will also get help from this agency on how to choose a good topic on criminology as well as tips on how to make your paper captivating.

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