Seven Main Questions To Answer In A Research Paper On WW1

There are many questions and stories that come with the topic of war. It is said that unless you have been there you cannot truly realize what it is. It is also said that war is hell. I think that both of these statements are very much true. The problem with books, films, and television is they tend to glamourize the horrific event. These are some of the resources you will use among several others to write the paper. This article will give seven main questions to answer in a research paper on WW1.

  1. 1) The most important one is what actually happens to make men or countries want to participate in the act of killing each other. The hidden agenda of those who call the shots. Is there some type of line that is crossed that puts the act in some sort of justifiable decision to start the destructive actions that lead to unthinkable acts against mankind?
  2. 2) What do you do to keep the audience’s attention? Eliminate all the boring material. Go through and be sure that all your material is arranged so that the reading is easy to follow and the flow is smooth. The last thing you want is the reader to be jumping all around getting confused. You will surely lose them.
  3. 3) Where do you strategically place your topic sentences? These are very important on explaining your thesis. This is done by taking the five strongest sections and used them to start each paragraph. The two best should be located in the first and last paragraphs. This is to keep the audience’s attention.
  4. 4) Did you use your creative and descriptive skills to the best of your ability? In such a topic you must be sure the audience feels like they are right there in the mix. This is done by describing every sight, sound, smell, and emotion. Make the events jump off the paper.
  5. 5) Have you written in little-known facts about the topic? The audience are well-informed people but everyone can learn something new every day. This shows them that you put thought and effort into your work.
  6. 6) Did you use some good persuasive material to get the audience to side with your work? This can be done by asking prepared questions that when they answer them it backs-up your idea. It is hard to find fault when you have to contradict yourself.
  7. 7) Did you double-check all of your times, names, and dates of the paper? That type of error can turn a good paper into a negative experience.

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