25 Best Examples Of Modern US History Research Paper Topics

Modern US history starts around the end of the sixteenth century, when Columbus discovered America and the first Europeans began to arrive. It covers about five centuries of the country’s development, giving you a great number of interesting questions to explore for your research paper.

To make the process of choosing the best topic for your work easier, you should first define what particular periods of time in American history attract your interest the most. Then you can select an event within those time limits, narrowing the subject and making it more specific.

Also, it’s important to keep in mind that you will need to not just describe the chosen issue, but also explain your thesis and give strong evidence which will prove your understanding of the subject. That’s why, make sure you have access to informative and reliable sources that relate to your topic.

Best Ideas for Your Research Paper in Modern US History

  1. Pilgrims and puritans: background and ideology.
  2. The influence of the Enlightenment philosophy on the Declaration of Independence
  3. The split in American politics in the early 1800s. Its positive and negative effects.
  4. Thomas Paine and the impact of his ideas on the American Revolution.
  5. Republicanism. The concept of the “Republican Mother” and its role in the US history.
  6. The causes and effects of The Whiskey Rebellion in late 18th-century America.
  7. Gold Rush and its effect on the development of California.
  8. The cotton gin invention and its contribution to the Civil War.
  9. Pre-Civil War period. The impact of the Lincoln-Douglas debates of 1858.
  10. African Americans after the Civil War.
  11. Economic, social, and philosophical factors influenced the labor unions.
  12. The Industrial Age in America: “captains of industry”, “robber barons”.
  13. The causes and effects of immigration in the late 18th century.
  14. The Harlem Renaissance: Significant figures and their influence.
  15. The causes and effects of the Spanish-American War.
  16. The stock market crash of 1927. The factors of cause and outcomes.
  17. The attack on Pearl Harbor and its trace in modern US history.
  18. World War II and its influence on women’s employment.
  19. The origins of the Cold War.
  20. Development of China-US relations.
  21. Historical and social background of the American baby boom.
  22. US involvement in the Vietnam War.
  23. The US first political parties: their origins and functions.
  24. The causes and effects of the Iran hostage crisis.
  25. John Kennedy assassination conspiracy theories.

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