Comprehensive Manual On Writing A Research Paper About Books And The Internet

Modern technology covers more and more parts of our lives with each year. Instead of reading books, a lot of people just use the Internet nowadays. You may be asked to write a research paper related to books and the Internet. This isn’t an easy task, but if you follow the right steps, you’re likely to succeed and get a high score for your work.

Instructions for Writing Your Paper

  1. Select an interesting topic.
  2. You should choose a particular direction for your study if you want to provide the reader with interesting and unique information. For example, you may write about advantages of books over the Internet sources and vice versa. Do some brainstorming and come up with your own great ideas.

  3. Conduct your research.
  4. To write a good paper, you should study your topic thoroughly. Consult your instructor to learn about sources that can help you with your investigation. Make sure to find strong evidence for supporting your statements and arguments.

  5. Outline your paper.
  6. Before you start writing, it’s advisable to create a plan of what you will include in each chapter of your paper. If you don’t use outlining, the structure of your text is likely to be fragile and inconsistent. Moreover, you may forget to include some significant information.

  7. Write an introductory chapter.
  8. The introduction of your paper should inform the reader about your overall objectives and give a roadmap of body chapters. You should also explain the meaning of the key terms that can sound ambiguous.

  9. Write a literature review.
  10. In this chapter, you should present the main sources that you used during your study and discuss them in details.

  11. Describe your methodology.
  12. You should provide a detailed description of methods that you used to conduct your research.

  13. Present your results.
  14. In the last body chapter, you should write about the actual outcomes of your study and discuss them.

  15. Write a conclusion.
  16. This chapter should just summarize everything written previously. You may also provide the reader with a few options to continue your work.

Final Steps to Take

After the main parts of your paper have been composed, you should create additional sections, like “Bibliography” and “Appendices.” Make sure to format them according to the style mentioned in your assignment guidelines.

The last thing to do is to proofread your text and eliminate all the mistakes. Revise your paper several times or give it to a professional editor to play it safe.

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