5 Secret Tips For Writing A Psychology Research Paper

Have your instructor assigned you a psychology research paper ? Whether it is your first time to write a research paper or not, you may end finding this process to be overwhelming. However, when you are aware of where to start can make the whole process less stressful and a bit easier. Here are a few tips that will help you to become organized as you write and do better in your essay. It is important to begin by breaking down the paper into some manageable steps. Here are some important tips that you will need to follow.

    Decide on the required work

    You will need to start by understanding the type of essay that your instructor expects you to write. Some of the common psychology papers include:

    • Empirical or report. This provides details on a particular type of work where you have carried out a research. If your instructor wants you to do an experiment, this is the recommended essay to write. It usually follows the basic APA format and you should include an abstract, title page, introduction, method part, result part, discussion part and the reference
    • Literature review. This type of work provides a summary to a research that has already being done by some other people. If your instructor wants you to write this piece, he may give you several studies that you are supposed to cite and the length.

  1. Choose a topic
  2. Even if you already have a general idea of the subject that you need to write about, you will need to spend time brainstorming so as to narrow down the focus and decide on the approach. Some of the common brainstorming methods that you can use include mapping, listing, free writing and charting. Use a strategy that you think is the best for you.

  3. Research
  4. You will need to research. A good idea would be to browse the internet for ideas. This will help to hone your topic, choose some interesting topic and have a general overview of the kind of dissertation you are writing. Visit the library and seek for books that are related to the particular topics. Ensure that you are familiar with the basic concepts. Get information on the notable authors and researcher.

  5. Choose a good idea
  6. You will need to begin by writing a working bibliography as you seek for references. Ensure that as you research, you are also making notes on each of the references and have details such as article title, journal source, authors and the idea of the article.

  7. Write the paper
  8. Begin by writing an outline. You should then write you first draft. Ensure that you have included all references. Be sure to proofread the work.

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