Crafting A Brilliant Research Paper In Computer Sciences

Research papers in computer sciences can be divided into two general groups – theoretical and experimental ones. The papers of the first group usually imply examining the statements of some theorems and providing proofs of them. The second group of papers includes experimental study results. Commonly, it may be either test the new technology or system of the first time or empirically proving its advantages in coping with the specified kind of task comparing to the other similar technologies.

Research Paper Step-by-Step Writing Guide

  1. Choose the right topic.
  2. It should be suitable for your paper size and you must be truly eager to study it. Find your balance between too wide field for survey and limiting narrow topics.

  3. Collect data.
  4. Depending on the type of your survey, this may include only theoretical or also experimental information. Check the credibility of all your sources thoroughly.

  5. Formulate your thesis.
  6. Don’t include any irrelevant information into the thesis. It must be as accurate and concise as possible. Highlight the claims that will be evaluated clearly.

  7. Prepare an outline.
  8. Good outline saves a great deal of time while writing the final paper version. Check the main tips on preparing an effective outline on the Web.

  9. Study the information and make notes.
  10. With the previous notes, it will be much easier to compose your work. Making notes helps you organize your thoughts and often gives some useful insights.

  11. Make the first draft.
  12. Revise your draft, referring the outline.

    Thus, you can point out any structural and contextual failures and quickly fix them.

  13. Write the final variant.
  14. Be sure that you stick to the proper writing style. Mind logical connections between your paragraphs that make the whole paper easy-read and convenient for the readers to handle.

  15. Edit and improve your research paper.
  16. After you’ve finished the writing job, put your paper aside for several days. You may think over any improvements of controversial claims, add more vivid expressions into appropriate paragraphs and see the ways of making your language readable.

  17. Proofread.

Important Tips on Mathematical Writing

  • You can’t open your sentence with a symbol.
  • Don’t make any assertions that can’t be verified.
  • Avoid monotony in your research paper.
  • This writing style is hard enough itself, so you should do your best to make it comprehensible.
  • Don’t use the same notation for the different items.
  • Even if you sentence is interrupted by a formula, it should remain easy-read and logically complete.
  • In different formulas symbols should be separated by words, not by punctuation marks.

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