Looking For A Research Paper Title Page Example In The APA Style: Vital Advice

Your research paper is an accumulation of the labor, enquiry and method that you have placed in the work. It is not a frivolous effort and you should make sure it is graded with all round efforts at concretizing and cementing it.

A pleasant feeling

Now, while you need to write different pages in a research paper, you start off with the title page. This is a soft-hearted page with not much content and a feeling of a quiet canoe sitting still in a composed ocean. There are more white spaces than engaged ones.

Now, when you abide by APA style for your research paper, you should stick to it in the title page as well. Consistency is a priority and here is how you treat your title page –

  • - The page starts with a running head where the title of your research work is written in Block letters in the header space. It should not cross the imposed limit of 12 words. You should write the title after the words Running Head with the initials in capital and rest in small letters and then a colon. The title should be followed by the page number (1) after a few tabs.
  • - You then go a bit down to the center of the page and write the title again in central alignment. It will take one or two lines at max. You should remember to write the Title this time with only the initials in capital and the rest in small letters.
  • - You should write the author’s name; first, middle and last in the sequential line. You should stay away from degrees or prefixes.
  • - You should follow it up by mentioning your concerned University in the next line.

This is about it when you concern yourself with the research paper title page.

A case for confusion

If you are still confused, you may visit the official APA site to check out title pages that research papers adopt the template from. You should obviously take care to use clean and clear pages, preferably of A4 size. The title page content should be in 12 pts Times New Roman and double spaced.

The precept holds goof throughout the paper.

A point to remember

You should keep in mind that almost all students get the title page correctly drawn. It is what you do with the Introduction, Methodology and Conclusion that will define your integrity and passion for the work. Give your best.

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