Creative Suggestions For Writing A Research Paper On Malcolm X

Writing a research paper isn’t always the easiest thing to do – especially when you’re stuck for inspiration or you just don’t know what would be best to explore. Luckily, Malcolm X is one of the best things you could be researching, as it is an interesting topic and there are tonnes of information out there about him. Here are some creative suggestions you could use:

  • What happened in his early life? – This is a good topic to write about as many people don’t know his past. You could write about the murder of his father and how his mother ended up in a mental hospital.
  • What happened while he was in prison? – You should first talk about how he got put in prison and what age he was. Then you should explore what actually happened while he was in prison and how this may have affected what he went on to be famous for.
  • His promotion of black supremacy – In a time when white people were seen as superior, there were black supremacist groups who thought the opposite, and Malcolm X was one of these people. You could talk about why he supported black supremacy and how he didn’t support the civil rights movement because it said black and whites should integrate.
  • How is he portrayed in film – You could talk about how Malcolm X is portrayed in films. Some of these films include The Greatest and Death of a Prophet. It might be best, however, to leave this as the last thing on your paper – you could even put it as the first thing. It wouldn’t make sense to just put in the middle, though.
  • Malcolm X’s private life – You may want to talk about how Malcolm X married, who it was to and in what year. It might be a nice idea to briefly describe his wife’s history and what she went on to do. You could also talk about how they had children, how many they had, and what they were called.

With these suggestions, you should be well on your way to writing the best Malcolm X research paper your teacher has ever seen in their life, and I hope these ideas help you to enjoy and really get to know the topic you are writing about. Don’t hesitate to use your own ideas, too. These are just suggestions!

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