List Of 12 Research Paper Topics Related To Horses

There are a number of topics worth exploring when working on a research paper related to horses. But we know it can be hard for students to come up with ideas of their own due to the number of stresses they face with all their academic responsibilities. So here is a list of 12 topics to consider:

  1. Is it ethical to allow gambling in a sport that endangers animals such as horse racing? Consider the number of deaths that have occurred in horse racing each year at both major and minor events.
  2. What are the biggest dangers to humans who ride horses for sport? Is a horse every truly tamed or do their natural instincts take over when they feel threatened by the behaviors of humans who keep them for sport?
  3. What is the genetics history of horse breeds from around the world? Where did they originate from and how did their migration patterns (both in the wild and domesticated) compare in relation to that of humans?
  4. How does the positive reinforcement affect the way a horse is domesticated and trained to obey its masters? Are there different reinforcement methods and if so which are the most effective?
  5. What is a healthier option for non-racing, domesticated horses? To roam barefoot or shod? Is there any research that indicates which has been better for a horse’s physical and emotional health under the same circumstances?
  6. Humans have valued horses for thousands of years. But how have perspectives from different cultures across the world affected the way in which horses are treated in comparison to other animals?
  7. What are the greatest difficulties in the veterinary practice of horses? Are vets challenged because of the relative inability for horses to heal from certain leg injuries that cause inflammation and damage to certain ligaments?
  8. How did the closing of horse slaughterhouses in the United States, lead to increased gross neglect and inhumane treatment of horses by way of abandonment and starvation?
  9. How did the horse evolve to have such a great sense of balance, strength, and speed to evade predators and other types of dangers in the environment? What are the most important senses for a horse’s survival in the wild?
  10. How far do certain breeds trace back to (e.g., QH, TB, Arab, etc.)? Are there specific genetics that have aided in their longevity?
  11. His horse racing a sport determined solely by a horse’s prowess and speed over others, or does the jockey’s physical and mental condition factor into success?
  12. How does radiography technology help in the early detection of bone cyst in horses, and what are the greater consequences of early treatment?

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