12 Good Research Paper Ideas For Middle School Students

The middle school is probably one place where students come to term with research papers for the first time. It is also the time when you are expected to be on top of your performance when with regard to creative capacity. There are several people who support the debate and there are several others that are against it.

However, you will agree that the papers you write in middle school are very important for two reasons. The first is that this is the first time you will be writing an academic paper. The second reason is more important as it is this period that will shape up your mind for the many papers you will write in the future.

List of 12 great research paper topics that you can think about

  1. The role of bullying on the psyche of middle school students: how can bullying be prevented?
  2. How can bullying be stopped in family, schools and even neighborhoods?
  3. Is it necessary to visit zoos in order to learn about animals and it is right to keep animals confined to zoos?
  4. Why can’t ostriches fly? What to birds need to fly?
  5. How are dogs different from wolves? Explain how these two species have changed through the course of their evolutions
  6. The domestication of animals was done by humans. Explain the need for doing this
  7. Is it right for parents to allow their kids to watch movies rated PG-13?
  8. Will it be right to allow kids to make decisions on the absence of their parents? If you feel yes, give an age above which parents should allow children to make their own decisions
  9. Is it wrong for middle school students to use cell phones?
  10. Explain why the color of the sky is blue
  11. Would you want to become the president of the United States of America? Explain how one can become the president
  12. What makes flamingos pink?

Find out more topics

The topics given above are not the only ones available for the middle school. There are lots of other topics that you may try out. In fact, you may even take help from the internet to find out more topics and get in touch with better students.

You can also ask your friends about the topics they have chosen for their papers. Check if any of their topics matches with yours. This prevents any two of you writing on the same topic.

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