The Essential Parts Of A Research Paper - A Helpful Guide For Newbies

A research paper is designed as a study. You will use the resources that you find to conduct a study and answer a few questions regarding the topics. Here are the various parts of the research paper that you will need to include in your paper.


There are three ways to present your research paper titles. The first is to phrase it as a question. You will just list your research question as the title. The second is a summary option. This would be where you would explain what the study is about and what you were studying. The third is a two part system. This would present the overall topic. It will be followed by a colon and the second part is going to be the more specific topic.


This part of the paper is like a hundred to five hundred word summary of the paper. You will include the objectives and goals, as well as, the conclusions and results. It makes sense to write this part last.


The introduction for your paper serves three purposes. The first part of the paper is where you will be to give some background information that is needed for your paper to make sense. The second part is where you will describe the purpose of the paper and also describe the purpose of the paper. The third purpose of the introduction is to give an idea of what the parts of the paper are.

Procedure and Methods:

This is the part where you will tell how you did the study and what you did. It gives our calculations and strategies. It can give you descriptions and whatever else would be needed to repeat the study if the reader wanted to.


This part will give the data that was a result of the study and the data that you came up with. It will be where you result the charts and graphs that explain your findings.

Conclusion and Discussion:

In this section, you will talk about the information that you learned from your research. You will also present any questions of feedback that you had. For example, maybe you realized that you could have done something different. This is where you will talk about it.


This is where you are going to list your references. That can be the work that you used in your study.

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