Interesting Research Paper Topics In Finance: 23 Great Suggestions

Students who study finance often have to write research papers. The first step in successful research is to come up with an interesting topic idea. It usually takes a plenty of energy to select something appropriate for your assignment and meet the requirements of your academic advisor, so do not hesitate to follow one of the tips provided below.

How to Come Up with a Manageable Topic: Simple Tips

You should pick a manageable topic or else you will fail to compose a strong assignment, so do not try to impress your professor. You should consider topics that you are interested in instead. It is recommended that you avoid broad and very popular topics. However, you must ensure that a chosen topic has a practical value.

It is a good idea to search for a list of sample topics. You can search for sample topics in finance on the website of your school’s library, get a list of sample ideas in the school’s academic writing center, or ask your academic advisor to provide you with several great topics.

A List of Finance Research Paper Topics Worth Considering

To get started, study the following 23 good research paper topics:

  1. The role of microfinance in the economic development of the local communities in third-world countries.
  2. Corporate social responsibility as a useful tool for improving a company’s financial performance.
  3. Effects of inflation rate on the families’ welfare in (a country name.)
  4. The role of human capital in a company’s success.
  5. The main types of investment style in SMEs.
  6. Impacts of taxation on the financial performance of high-tech industries.
  7. The key professional qualities of a CEO.
  8. Impacts of governmental subsidy on heavy industry.
  9. The role of privatization in economic growth in developing economies.
  10. Causes and effects of the increase of loans to private companies.
  11. The history and role of most important economic indicators.
  12. Factors influencing deposit rates.
  13. The effects of increase of foreign investment in (a name of the city.)
  14. The relationship between profitability and liquidity ratios.
  15. The influence of average interest rates on the investment climate.
  16. An insight of policy makers on a bank sector in (a country name.)
  17. The influence of a poverty rate on a human capital in (a country name.)
  18. The impact of higher education on economic growth.
  19. An unemployment rate as a vital economic indicator.
  20. The relationship between gender equity and SME development.
  21. The effect of real wages increase on labor productivity.
  22. Methods of intelligent risks calculation in the pursuit of the company’s profit.
  23. A comparison of financial systems in different countries.

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