What To Know About The Format Of A Research Paper With A Title Page

It can be difficult to master the format of your paper. However, if you do not apply the key rules, you will not be taken seriously. Here are several points about the formats and other tips on writing your assignment.

Title page

Unless specifically requested, a title page is not needed. A good source of information is the general guidelines of writing papers and documenting the sources can be found in the MLA Handbook. However, incase of a conflict, it is always important to consult your teacher. If you are supposed to have a title, ensure that you double-space between the lines.


When starting the process of writing reports, most departments will give instructions on the layout. The style may vary a little between different departments but in most cases similar. If you are not sure about the format of your paper, it is important to consult your supervisor. Some of the rule of thumbs says are that the paper should be in size 12 or 10 and double spaced. In this internet, age, you should avoid to underline headings as well as other texts as people may confuse this to be a link.

Use of passive voice

Scientists are also being encouraged to use the everyday language in their work. Currently, scientist use passive voice such as it was noted… or the results showed… in their work. Since most of the research work is to be read by other scientists, you should use passive voice.

Map reference

Where you are reporting on the results of a field work, you should include the name of the place and the exact map where the samples were gotten. This can help another person to duplicate the work. It is also important to include the date and time. You can also uses resources such as Google earth to include a map.


If you are writing dissertations for higher level, you will need to give a presentation. This could be in front of lecturers or fellow students. The aim is for them to find holes in the report or they will try to test your knowledge outside the work. It is important to remember this when writing the report so that you can make your work easier.


Different supervisors or scientific discipline have their own way of setting out the references and therefore, it is important to find out the correct format. It is also important to read the relevant journals that you have been reading.

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