Coming Up With Research Paper Topics On To Kill A Mockingbird

To Kill a Mockingbird is such a passionate book and has so many undertones that you naturally feel like reading it again once you finish it for the first time. The areas that it touches are quite relevant in today’s times; especially the racial discrimination.

The task to cut out research paper topics from the 1960 book by Harper Lee would be a fantastic journey for any student. Here are 10 captivating topics for your reference

  1. A study into a reclusive life – Boo Radley is a recluse and in this sense, he is a rare commodity as far as books go. He is kept under shades that cause people to sketch him in their own pens. Eventually he comes out as a strong and emotional guy.
  2. The triumph of goodness – The whole book is a triumph of goodness.
  3. The divide between Black and White – The Tom Robinson case is a skillet that Dr. Lecter would ask you to look into. It is a horrific exhibition of the racial divide.
  4. The better-off status – Atticus Finch may have had to fight several odds had he not been a well-to-do lawyer. Somehow his inability to take any wrong keeps pitting him in problems.
  5. The uppity never ends – Even after winning a false case and getting an innocent victim shot, Bob Ewell thirsts for revenge against Atticus. There again is a strong case of uppity.
  6. The evolution of the heart – The book sees a glorious transformation of the human heart; that of Scout Finch. She begins to see life in a different light by the end of this book.
  7. The underdogs have their own glory – The close-knit community of the Blacks in the book is a sign of how the underdogs design their own life and social groups. This is called the art of survival.
  8. The runaway Dill – Dill is shown as a guy who is rarely pleased and keeps running away from his house; although he is well-up. Even the provided do have their qualms in life.
  9. The Great Depression – The setting of the book is the Great Depression, which has led to quite a few research papers. The book takes a fresh perspective at the period.
  10. The natural apprehensions that grace beginnings – It is human to nurture apprehensions at the beginning of any settlement. The past life seems so much more wonderful at the outset, but slowly sanity peeks in and all is well.

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