Research Paper Topics On Voting: 20 Controversial Questions

There are many types of governing systems in existence around the world, democracy and tribal governance to name some of the popular ones. As civilized humans, we spend lots of energy discussing and researching topics related to governance and with good reason, governments can greatly affect the quality of life we all have.

In most democratic societies, the leader is chosen by a vote. This is not limited to leaders of countries, people vote for many things, all the time. Voting is an act of casting a ballot in favor of a particular person, outcome or plan of action and it has solved, as well as caused, many disputes over the course of civilized humanity. The following is a list of 20 controversial question on voting:

  1. Why do we favor voting instead of fighting?
  2. Has voting ever proven itself to be a more beneficial system?
  3. Should the act of not casting a vote, also be considered in case where the voter feels like they were not given any real options to choose from?
  4. Prove that there is a better system than voting that can replace the current system.
  5. How does fascism affect the ability of a citizen to cast a ballot?
  6. Could a Trump Presidency spell the end of the vote in American Politics?
  7. Should voting only be allowed to people of a specified IQ who are suitably informed of the likely consequences of their actions?
  8. Is it discriminatory to disallow people to participate in elections based on their criminal records?
  9. Do sentient creatures such as gorillas and dolphins have just as much of a natural right to vote as humans?
  10. Is dictatorship the most efficient means of governing?
  11. Should machines decide the outcome of elections using logic alone?
  12. How often are elections rigged?
  13. What happened to the Florida chads during the Bush v. Gore election?
  14. Should monarchs rescind the vote in their countries?
  15. How effective is assassination compared to elections as a means of switching regimes?
  16. Should failed politicians be barred from future elections?
  17. Should intelligent animal officials be allowed to be elected?
  18. Could elections be replaced by appointing an artificially intelligent international leader?
  19. Does a single vote matter?
  20. Should the citizens of a country have the legal means to demand an election before the appointed time?

As controversial as the topic of politics is on its own you will have no shortage of ideas to choose from.

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