How To Select An Acute Research Topic For A Term Paper

When picking topics for their term papers, students usually prefer the issues that are interesting to write about and simple to research. It’s quite a logical step since the chances of getting bored in the process of work are minimized. Moreover, if a topic is manageable and easy, it’ll take less effort to do a quality paper. However, you shouldn’t consider only your personal preferences when selecting a topic. Your teacher’s requirements should be followed as well. One of the commonest requirements that you may be asked to meet is choosing an acute topic to write about. An acute term paper should focus on an issue that is actively discussed in society, in your school, or on the campus. Take the following steps to cope with the task successfully:

  • Gather ideas.
    • Watch news on TV, listen to the radio, and look through newspapers, magazines, and online sources to see what issues are utterly discussed nowadays.
    • Listen to what your relatives, classmates, and friends talk about.
    • Recall your lectures in the subject. Did your lecturer point to any burning issues of reality?
  • Sort out all ideas you get and pick several themes within your scope of interest.
  • Do quick research to assess how manageable the topics are.
  • All acute topics are controversial by their nature. There are lots of different opinions on controversial issues, and one topic can involve several disciplines at one time. Namely, you may be required to consider social, political, and religious aspects of one and the same problem at the same time. Moreover, you may be challenged with a lack of credible sources that can be referred to in the process of research. Therefore, make sure that the topic you are interested in is manageable and you can completely cover it in your term paper. If necessary, narrow your topic down.
  • Avoid picking generic issues since it’ll be impossible to explore all their aspects to the full. If your topic is too broad, narrow it down by focusing only on specific aspects of the issue. If you are not sure how to do the task, ask your teacher for help.

Refer to the following list of acute topic ideas in search of inspiration:

  • Setting realistic limits to immigration.
  • Inequality of women in religion.
  • The newest technological solutions to conserve energy at home.
  • Workable ways to fight poverty.
  • Effectiveness of “green” programs.
  • Real risks of climate change.
  • Copyright law in need of change.
  • The most refined online scams.
  • Marketing to children and censorship.
  • Secret tricks of food manufacturers.

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