Crafting A Superb Research Paper On 9/11 – Useful Hints

Quite the topic, this subject has the ability to spout tears from many people, around the world, from all walks of life, the 9/11 event was a truly tragic occurrence. There are many mysteries surrounding this particular day and even today, many years later, it is still the subject of many, serious investigations by many important groups. When conducting research, there are several steps that must be taken to ensure credibility, as well as success in your pursuit. Fortunately, there are many other services that students can employ to assist them with most academic tasks. These short tips from WriterForMyPaper will provide an easy to understand guide that will help you create an excellent research paper on 9/11:

  1. 1. Think about your own views on the subject
  2. It is hard not to have an opinion on this subject, consider your own and make sure that they are clear to you. This will allow you to proceed with your paper in an objective manner, fully aware of where your personal bias may influence your assumptions.

  3. 2. Consider the two opposing views on the event
  4. There are two sides to this story that most people are familiar with by now. Try to shed light on both views without being biased to any one side and state the best reason why any one should be considered true.

  5. 3. Which parties benefit from the event
  6. It is unclear what really motivated the event, one could try to understand this better by investigation which parties or groups have benefited from the event, after the fact.

  7. 4. Formulate a hypothesis
  8. This statement will help you guide your research in a more focused manner. Make your hypothesis a strong, decisive statement about the issue which you intend to prove or disprove by the end of your paper.

  9. 5. Conduct necessary research
  10. Gathering information is a necessary part of all research ventures and should be done as thoroughly as possible, paying attention to sources for future, referencing purposes.

  11. 6. Consider how your paper will impact closely affected persons
  12. This is a very sensitive issue and many people may support or oppose you no matter what you write in your paper. Be aware of possible repercussions that may result from publishing your paper at the end of your research.

  13. 7. Be careful to be entirely objective
  14. Objectivity is the key to any well respected paper. A good way to ensure objectivity is to have your paper reviewed by a peer, or even a professional editor, before you submit.

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